Mos Generator - new record out on May 3rd!

There was no sign of live since November last year. After a year on the road it maybe was time to take a break , reflect, refocus... And all of a sudden BAAAMM! A new live recording. This is real Tony Reed style. This guy is a maniac. No need to tell that I really love him. If you ever went to a Show of those dudes, you already know what to expect. Pure Rock.

Mos Generator - "Nighty of the Lords"

The beautiful People of Devil`s Child records will bring this live feeling into your home. 11 Songs in 53 Minutes recorded live in Manchester, UK on the last Eurpoe Tour in 2017. Release Day is the 3rd of May and there are only 100 copies. Fuck. I have to get up early in this day. For updates visit

Bring it on!

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