Year of the Cobra - "ash and dust"

Year of the Cobra just released their new Longplayer "ash and dust" . We are pretty sure the Album title must be a hint on how they leave the venues after a typical YOTC showcase. They just had a succesful Eurotour and like a never resting Tony Reed they are already making plans to enter Europe again in 2020.

Here`s what the press is thinking about their current release:

JJ Koczan from the mighty mighty Obelisk. Matthew Scherer from Seattle Passive Aggressive. Chris from Thomas Hinds from

Grab your copy on!

Info //

Formed in 2015, Year of the Cobra became a rapidly ascending, radiant star in the horizon of the doom/stoner-scene for a reason: This powerhouse duo, consisting of Amy Tung Barrysmith (vocals/ bass) and Jon Barrysmith (drums), use their limitation in instrumentation to their advantage. Leaving space for every instrument to breathe and to shine, they create a vast, larger than life sound aesthetic. Their songs drift relentlessly from classic epic doom laments into oppressive heavy riff architecture; from catchy, almost upbeat rock moments into transfiguring psychedelia.

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