The Mighty Makaka

Merchandise & Artist Service

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Merchandise & Artist Service

The Mighty Makaka.

We provide tour merch.

Mostly Shirts. 

Seems like everyone need shirts.

We don`t sell to everyone. 

Our Service is for friends, friends of our friends or those who like to become a friend.

That`s no hippie bullshit, that`s the way how we spread love.


Just tell us what you need. 

There`s almost 

nothing we cannot hunt up.

We do Monkey Buisness.

Service is our strenght.

Don`t know what you`re searching for?

We will tell you.

Just drop a mail:


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Screen Printing

Plastisol & Discharge

  • Shirts from 50 pcs. / run

  • Hoodys, Zipper & related stuff  30 pcs./ run

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Heat Transfer

Plastisol & Flex

  • Caps from 25 pcs. / run 

  • Perfect for smaller Shirt runs.

  • ask for offer!


Embroiding & Sewing

For Caps & Beanies etc. 

  • Caps & Beanies from 30 pcs. / run 

  • laser labels / vegan leather.

  • printed or woven labels


Our Textiles

Tell us what you need!

  • Our Stock is the whole fashion trade market

  • Fair Wear & Organic Clothing available


Warp 6 Delivery

Tell us where you need it!

  • UPS & DHL

  • Every european destination in 2-5 Days 

  • Worldwide Shipping

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We love what we do

Our Service Warranty

  • From your Design to the printed Product 

  • We will guide you through the whole process

  • Transparent Production & Pricing